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Choose Your Roast, Pick Your Grind, Buy Online

Get the same great experience you’re used to in store, without having to leave your house! Our new webpage is designed to give you the same familiar and exceptional shopping experience you’re used to with Aladdin.

How strong do you like your coffee?

Aladdin coffee lovers know this is one of the first questions master roaster Charles will ask you when you walk into our store. That’s why we start with this question online, too. Whether you love supple light roasts, rich medium roasts, robust dark roasts, or complex blends, we have curated collections of each type ready for you to browse.

Pick your grind

In our store, you can tell us how you brew your coffee and get the perfect grind for each method. Online, it’s even easier! Select whole beans or tell us how you make coffee and we will grind it perfectly for you. Have an espresso machine? Tell us the name of the machine and we’ll grind your coffee to match!

Quick, easy, convenient

Once you’ve picked your products, you can pay right online. Have your coffee shipped (we ship Canada-wide!), or pick up in as little as four hours at our store location.

Try something new

It’s easier than ever to feel confident in trying a new type of coffee. The tasting notes and aromas of each brew are highlighted, so you can pick a new brew that shares similarities to your current favourite.

Why this coffee?

Just like in our store, you will find the details and stories behind your beans on every listing. Whether you want to know what country your beans came from, what tasting notes and aromas you can expect, or what makes this coffee so special, you’ll find that information on each type of brew we provide. Plus, check out master roaster Charles’ thoughts on what makes each coffee great!

Choose Your Roast, Pick Your Grind, Buy Online

This Nicaraguan brew is Master Roaster Charles' favourite coffee. It's a well balanced coffee with a little extra oomph in it.

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