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Colombian Dark Certified Fairtrade Organic

Grown at high altitudes on shaded mountains, the country’s premium Arabica coffee beans are literally hand-picked for quality.

Coffee Characteristics


Sweet caramel, cocoa, dark chocolate

Tasting Notes

Moderate acidity, creamy body, long aftertaste, caramel, citrus, and sugar cane.



Why did Charles pick this coffee?

Image of Charles over roasted coffee beansRoastmaster
One of the most balanced coffees you will ever find.

More Information

Our delicious Colombian comes to us from the Sierra Nevada in one of country’s central coffee producing regions. This region Marta is the world’s highest coastal mountain range and boasts the fifth highest peak in the world. Its high elevations (up to 5,700 meters) and frequent rainfall (between 1,500 and 4,000 millimeters annually, depending on elevation) make the small but tall mountain range ideal for growing coffee.