The 3 Most Common Coffee Mistakes

The 3 Most Common Coffee Mistakes

You’ve bought yourself a bag of high quality, specialty coffee beans. You have determined the best brewing method for your beans and equipment. Your water is the right temperature. You’ve made sure to store your beans in an airtight container. Now the time has come to make that perfect cup of coffee… but there’s still a few things to consider.

You may be moving one of these common mistakes that keep you from enjoying your coffee to the fullest. These simple tips will help make sure your cup of coffee is the best it can be.

Crime # 1: Buying Old Beans

When buying coffee beans, treat them like fresh fruits and vegetables rather than canned goods. Most people would agree that a can of beans is far inferior to a handful of fresh, in-season beans bought from a farmside stand. Yes, the canned beans will last longer on your shelf, but the fresh beans are far more satisfying and delicious. Much like you would buy produce in smaller quantities more often, you should be buying your coffee regularly.

Solution: At Aladdin, we roast our coffee fresh every week. An easy way to make sure you are getting the freshest coffee beans is to place your online order the same day you get your groceries every week.

Crime # 2: Getting The Wrong Grind

Serving a weak cup of coffee is a crime. But contrary to popular opinion, it often has nothing to do with the quality of the beans or the method of brewing. Making sure the grind of your coffee matches your preferred method of brewing is the difference between a watery cup of coffee and a delicious, rich, warm cup of joy. If you are using a drip coffee maker, for example, you would use a different grind than if you have a home espresso machine. Even if you are using the best beans in the world, the wrong grind can ruin a cup of coffee.

Solution: If you grind your coffee beans yourself, make sure you are not over or under grinding the beans. Alternately, when you order coffee with Aladdin, you can select the type of machine or method you use and we will make sure it is perfectly ground for you.

Crime # 3: Milk, sugar, and cream

This is the biggest mistake when it comes to coffee. When you purchase a bag of high quality, perfectly roasted coffee, you shouldn’t need to add cream or sugar. Of course, making a latte with deliciously steamed milk is different than pouring a cold splash of cream into your coffee. The subtle flavour notes and mouth-watering aromas of your coffee get lost under the sweetness of sugar. Enjoying a cup of coffee without any add-ins is the best way to appreciate your coffee.

Solution: Buy the best quality coffee you can so you don’t need to add cream or sugar. At Aladdin, we only roast the highest grades of coffee beans, so you know you are getting the best possible quality!

Try these tips and experience the difference!

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