About Us

La Brûlerie Aladdin was founded in 1989 by my father and is now run by me, Charles. Welcome to my world of coffee enthusiasts.

The beginnings

My father was introduced to the joys of roasting at an early age. As a child, his mother would ask him to roast coffee by hand for guests at home. Ever since, he's been intrigued by coffee, and in 1989 he decided to set up a business in the coffee world. Initially, he ordered several varieties of coffee from a major supplier. His aim was to sell the coffee at a good price to local restaurants only. At first, he stored his coffee in the family garage, until he ran out of space. Then he bought a warehouse, and my mother was happy to have her garage back!

With this warehouse, he began roasting coffee on site. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee filled the warehouse and spilled out into the street. Passers-by flocked to buy coffee, but lacking the equipment, he couldn't sell to individuals. My father then had a stroke of genius and decided to open the first Aladdin store.

Charles’s dad

The work of a master roaster

It's no secret that I enjoy a good cup of coffee. It's become increasingly common for people to seek out the perfect cup of coffee outside coffee shops, carefully selecting their beans and brewing methods to make their morning cup of coffee as good as it gets. At Brûlerie Aladdin, I've tried to bring the same kind of dedication to a large-scale operation.

I usually start my working day by cleaning up around the roastery. To prepare our coffee machines for another day of roasting, I clean them thoroughly by removing all the coffee straw from the inside, which accumulates from the previous roasting. After this, I heat the burner so that I can precisely control and modify the temperature of the machine and the coffee beans. Our head office also has glass windows, where you can see me roasting coffee for our two locations in and around Gatineau, as well as for our wholesale customers. Every batch is roasted to perfection for the pleasure of coffee lovers.

Charles Jarawan

Why organic and fairtrade?

Choosing to drink organic and fairtrade coffees demonstrates your support for farmers who use environmentally-friendly growing methods and promote sustainable development. Organic farming guarantees coffee free from harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides - a significant benefit for the health of farmers and for you as a consumer.

What's more, since organic coffees are grown under forest cover, you're helping to preserve ecosystems and provide a natural habitat for insects, micro-organisms, animals and migratory birds. Environmental protection and social equity are among the fundamental values I hold dear. Equitable advocates for prosperous farming and working communities that have more control over their future. We stand in solidarity with producer organizations, uncompromising on our standards, our prices or our vision so that trade benefits everyone along the supply chain. Here's what sets us apart from other certifications.


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