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About us

We’re committed to offering you a full range of fine coffees and premium quality teas from the world’s finest crops.

The leading provider of retail coffee in the region, we offer over 50 varieties certified fair trade and organic at competitive prices. No other roaster offers as many! Our coffees are roasted right in the store to ensure optimal freshness from the first cup to the last.

We are a company who cares about the health of growers and encourages sustainable development. Social equity and environmental protection are among our non-negotiable core values.

Customer Service

We’re committed to providing quick and courteous customer service. Our staff are always happy to assist and advise you in choosing the products that will meet your needs.

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Aladdin Roastery was founded in 1996 by Frank Jarawan and is now run by his son, Charles. He became the finest master roaster in the region.

Mr. Jarawan was introduced to the joys of roasting at an early age. When he was a child, his mother would ask him to roast coffee by hand for house guests.

It is only in 1989 that he decided to start a business in the world of coffee. Initially, he ordered several varieties of coffee from a major supplier. The goal was to sell the coffee at a good price to restaurants in the area only. At first, he stored his coffee in the family’s garage, until he ran out of room. Then he bought a warehouse, to the delight of his wife, who was happy to get her garage back!

With this warehouse, he began roasting coffee on site. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee filled the warehouse and spilled out into the street. Passersby rushed in to buy, but because of the lack of equipment he couldn’t sell to the individual. Then, Mr. Jarawan had a genius idea and decided to open the first Aladdin Roastery.

Over the years, roasting has become a true passion for the whole family. Today, Aladdin Roastery continues to evolve, thanks to the innovative ideas of Charles. His goal is to continually ensure customer satisfaction while safeguarding the health of our planet and its people.

Why choose organic and fair trade certified coffees?

The choice to drink organic and fair trade coffees demonstrates your support for farmers who use farming methods that respect the environment and promote sustainable development. Organic farming guarantees a coffee without harmful chemical pesticides or herbicides - an advantage significantly to the health of farmers and for your health as a consumer. In addition, since the organic coffees are grown under forest cover, you help preserve ecosystems and provide a natural habitat for insects, microorganisms, animals and migratory birds.