Are you storing your coffee correctly?

Are you storing your coffee correctly?

The scent of freshly roasted coffee beans when you open a brand-new bag of coffee is one of the best smells in the world. But the next day, the scent is a little weaker. A few days after that, you can hardly smell it at all.

How you store your coffee makes all the difference in maintaining freshness and quality so you get that just-roasted scent for longer.

Fresh air doesn’t mean fresh coffee

The bag your coffee comes in isn’t the best option for long term storage. Instead, use two air-tight containers: one for the beans you’re using regularly, and one for the beans you’ll use later. Using two containers means you are opening them less frequently. This helps keep your coffee fresher, longer.

Stay away from the light

Coffee beans stored in a clear jar makes for a beautiful kitchen decor accent, but it isn’t the best way to maintain freshness. Too much light will make your beans go stale faster. Use a dark or opaque air-tight container to store your beans, and keep them off the counter.

Fridge, freezer, or pantry?

Contrary to popular belief, storing your coffee beans in the freezer is one of the worst things you can do for its flavour! Freezing your beans affects the humidity.Thawing then creates a damp environment that will change the taste of your coffee.

Storing your beans in the refrigerator is another no-go. Coffee beans are porous, meaning they easily absorb smells. The scent of all those leftovers in your fridge doesn’t belong in your brew.

The best place to store your coffee is in a dark pantry or cupboard, ideally one that is room-temperature or slightly cooler.

Buy less coffee more often

Buying your coffee in small quantities means you will get fresher roasts. At Aladdin, we roast our coffee twice a week, so you always get the freshest beans possible.

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