Why Coffee Roasted by a Master Roaster Tastes Better

Why Coffee Roasted by a Master Roaster Tastes Better

Coffee is a big part of your life. Each morning, you wake up and treat yourself to a delicious, steaming cup of rich coffee. At work, you reset with a coffee break and indulge in a moment of peace. Dinner isn’t complete until you enjoy your after-dinner coffee. You sip coffee with friends and family, on special occasions, and at everyday events.

Considering the big role coffee plays in your life, it should be the highest quality possible, so each sip makes an impression.

The highest quality coffee is coffee that is roasted by an expert.

In this video, meet Master Roaster Charles, and find out why knowledge, passion, and experience work together to bring you the quality coffee you deserve.

If Charles likes it, you know it’s good.

This Nicaraguan brew is both bright and sweet. It is Master Roaster Charles' favourite coffee - it has everything any coffee lover could want in their cup and then some!

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