Why are coffee beans roasted?

Why are coffee beans roasted?

When coffee is first picked, the beans are green and soft with a fresh, grass-like smell, a very mild taste, and a whole lot of potential! The coffee roasting process is what transforms the beans into the hard, aromatic, brown beans you identify with coffee. Roasting has one of the biggest impacts on the flavour of your coffee. It is both a science and an art!

Light Roast

Light roast coffee beans are lightly coloured and light-bodied. These beans are roasted for a short time, so they don’t experience the same intensity of heat as a darker roast does. Because of this, there is more moisture left inside the bean. Light roast coffees have the most complex tasting notes because they retain more of the original flavour of the bean. You can expect a supple, delicate, sweet coffee with subtle hints of citrus and chocolate.

Light roast coffees have more acidity, but that doesn’t mean that the coffees taste acidic. Acidity simply gives the coffee brightness.

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Medium Roast

Medium roast coffees build on the flavours of the light roast, but add more caramel and cocoa notes. The key word with medium roast coffees is “balance”. You can expect a medium roast coffee to have a slight acidity and more body than a light roast, with more complex flavours than a dark roast.

Medium roast coffees are an approachable way to enjoy a richer cup of coffee that still maintains the natural flavour from the bean.

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Dark Roast

Dark roast coffees are dark brown in colour and have a slight shine as the oil of the coffee bean begins to collect on the surface. This is where the skill and experience of the person roasting your coffee comes into play! Dark roast coffees get most of their flavour from the roasting process, meaning they have a richness and fullness that is hard to match. Dark roast coffee is more single-note in flavour, but the flavour is generally more robust.

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Half Dark Roast

This is a blend of light and dark roasted coffees. Half dark blends bring in the best of both worlds: the sweet effervescence of a light roast melds with the richness of a dark roast to create a balanced celebration of flavour in your cup.

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