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Should I Buy Whole Bean Coffee or Ground Coffee?

Ask any coffee expert what their number one tip for buying the best coffee is, and they will tell you to buy whole bean coffee.

Why Should I Buy Whole Bean Coffee Instead of Ground?

To answer this, it is useful to understand what happens when coffee is roasted and ground.

As soon as coffee is roasted, it starts to lose its freshness. (Think of it like buying a new car. The moment you drive it off the lot, it loses value.)


Because exposure to air results in a gradual oxidation of the aromatic compounds that give coffee its distinct smell and flavour profile. The more exposure to air, the blander the flavour becomes.

When coffee is ground, the amount of air exposure exponentially increases, simply because there is more for the air to touch. It does not take long for the oxygen to soak in and start the oxidation process.

In fact, when whole beans are ground, they lose 60% of their innate aroma within a mere 15 minutes.

Exposure to moisture in the air can also start to dilute the wonderful oils that contribute so much to the coffee’s flavour.


fresh brewed coffee from whole beans

So Just How Long Can Coffee Stay Fresh?

Whole beans can stay fresh for about three weeks. After that point, the taste is significantly affected. Storing your beans in an air-tight container will help preserve freshness.

Ground beans can stay fresh for only about one week. After that point, much of the flavour and aroma has disappeared. Even in a tightly sealed bag, the grounds are still much more exposed to air and moisture than whole beans.

Grinding whole beans just before brewing is the best way to maximize freshness and taste.

Think about it like cookies. The best tasting cookies are ones that are fresh from the oven, cooled down just enough to eat. Although they are fine to eat after a few days, you will notice the soft and chewy texture has started to become crumby, and the delicious aroma has all but disappeared.

Buying Whole Beans is Best

We recommend purchasing a small home grinder and ordering freshly roasted whole bean coffee.

Coffee at Aladdin Roastery is freshly roasted on site every single week, to ensure maximum freshness.

Grind exactly the amount you need, right before brewing to get the smoothest, best tasting cup possible.

New to buying whole bean coffee?

Try our delicious 100% Colombian coffee. With a rich body, a persistent and clean cup and a hint of hazelnut taste, this coffee is perfect for new home grinders.

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