Your Guide to Coffee Pairing

Your Guide to Coffee Pairing

It’s first thing in the morning. You’ve just plated a delicious breakfast, poured a hot cup of your favourite brew, and settled at the table to start your day. Or perhaps the sun is just setting, you’ve finished a delectable dinner, and you are ready to finish it off with a warm, rich coffee.

Much like wine, different coffees pair well with different types of food. You may be surprised to know that coffee can be enjoyed with more than just your usual breakfast! Here are some of our favourite coffee pairings.


An almost-unexpected pairing, coffee and fruit pair together in a unique and memorable way. The best coffees to pair with fruit are from Africa, and Aladdin’s Ethiopian Light Certified Fairtrade Organic Coffee is no exception. The roast may be light, but the intense and bold notes of dark chocolate, almonds, and cinnamon make this a natural choice to enjoy with everything from fresh fruit salads to flaky fruit-filled pastries.

After a Meat-Filled Dinner

Too full for dessert? A cup of coffee is the perfect solution. For meals that are heavy on the meat dishes, the perfect after-dinner coffee is a dark blend. Our Sumatra Dark Certified Fairtrade Organic Coffee has a subtle aroma of tobacco reminiscent of an after-dinner cigar, with earthy, chocolatey flavours that compliment, rather than cover, the savoury flavours you’ve just enjoyed.


Picture a thick slice of dark, rich chocolate cake. Can you see the gentle swirls of decadent icing just begging to be on your fork? Dessert is arguably one of the best parts of any meal, and you can enhance it even further by adding a steaming, aromatic cup of coffee to sip on while you savor every last bite.

Light Roast: Chocolate lovers can feel confident in picking our Peru Light Certified Fairtrade Organic beans. Delicious notes of molasses and cocoa make this a natural pairing for desserts, while the vibrant floral aroma adds a mouth-watering freshness to your cup.

Medium Roast: Our Viennese Medium Certified Fairtrade Organic Beans make a perfect pairing for desserts. This medium roast blends Central and South American beans and has the rich flavours of a darker bean at a lower roast. This is achieved by using a unique style of coffee roasting that first began in Vienna and dates back to 1683! The mellow and delicately nuanced flavours pair wonderfully with sweet foods.

Dark Roast: Grown in the volcanic soils of Nicaragua, our Nicaraguan Dark Certified Fairtrade Organic Coffee has a natural hint of caramel and chocolate to it. Its brightness and sweetness makes it a natural pairing for dessert. In addition, this roast is master roaster Charles’ favourite coffee, so you know you are getting a high quality cup of coffee!

Create your own delicious pairings with a selection of our popular coffees!

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