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Swiss Water Decaf. Certified Fairtrade Organic

Caffeine is removed using carbon filters that only allow the bean's flavour and taste to pass through, blocking the caffeine in the safest and natural way.

Coffee Characteristics


Sweet, nutty aromas of cocoa and vanilla

Tasting Notes

Chocolate and caramel


Central and South America

Why did Charles pick this coffee?

Image of Charles over roasted coffee beansRoastmaster
Simply the best tasting Decaf coffee out there

More Information

Unlike most decaf coffees that you've had, this coffee is not bleached in chemicals to remove the caffeine. Each bean goes through The Swiss Water Process to keep the bean tasting great, smelling amazing, and chemical free.

The Swiss Water Process involves first soaking the coffee in pure water. The resulting green coffee extract is then passed through a carbon filter, specifically engineered to remove the caffeine molecule. The green coffee extract is then introduced to the coffee but without the caffeine. This process is simple in theory, but impressive to execute, since the coffee has to be exactingly dried and preserved to ensure the inherent flavour of the coffee remains relatively unscathed.