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Mountain Blend Certified Fairtrade Organic

The snappy, robust taste and bright aroma makes this a perfect morning coffee to wake up your senses.

Coffee Characteristics


Rich aroma that has hints of cocoa and lemon.

Tasting Notes

Medium bodied with notes of blackberries, dark chocolate, citrusy and caramel


Central America, South America and Indonesia

Why did Charles pick this coffee?

Image of Charles over roasted coffee beansRoastmaster
The vigorous, robust taste of this coffee makes it a perfectly morning coffee.

More Information

From all over the world, the beans come to us. A cup of Mountain Blend combines chocolatey and citrusy Latin American textures while being full-bodied and rich from Indonesian beans. It’s an incredible versatile blend. Although the coffee comes from all over, each of our producers has something in common: the cherry are picked at the height of ripeness and carefully processed. Clear flavors of blackberry, citrus and toffee shine through in a creamy, full body.