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Nicaraguan Dark Certified Fairtrade Organic

A beautifully well-balanced coffee: this Nicaraguan brew is both bright and sweet, It is Master Roaster Charles' favourite coffee - it has everything any coffee lover could want in their cup and then some!

Coffee Characteristics


Black-tea like aroma, nutty, sweet

Tasting Notes

Sweet, nutty, bright acidity, creamy texture, crisp finish



Why did Charles pick this coffee?

Image of Charles over roasted coffee beansRoastmaster
As a roaster, this is my favourite coffee. It has everything anything. It's a well balanced coffee with a little extra oomph in it.

More Information

UCA San Juan del Rio Coco consists of eight base cooperatives with a total of 370 smallholder farmer members. The hilly terrain in the San Juan del Rio Coco area makes for a number of distinct microclimates, resulting in unique flavor profiles from each of their individual member coops. The majority of coffee sold by the association is certified organic and is blended from deliveries from the various co-ops. This allows the UCA to ship the freshest coffee available, as each individual co-op delivers relatively small quantities over several months.