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Sumatran Light

Discover the bold flavours of Indonesia with our Certified Fairtrade Organic Sumatran coffee from the Village of Pondok Ulung. This exceptional coffee offers a unique blend of sweet pepper, brown spice, and nutty notes, combined with an earthy, spicy, and wild aroma. With a full-bodied profile and low acidity, this coffee delivers a rich and satisfying experience that lingers on the palate.

Light Roast
Fairtrade Bio
This coffee is certified Organic and Fairtrade

Why choose this coffee?

Experience the exotic allure of our Certified Fairtrade Organic Sumatran beans from the Village of Pondok Ulung, located in the subdistrict of Bener Meriah, province of Aceh in Indonesia. Grown in the fertile soils of this region, our coffee is a testament to the rich biodiversity and traditional farming practices of the area.

Our Sumatran coffee is renowned for its complex flavours and aromas. With notes of sweet pepper, brown spice, and nutty undertones, each sip offers a journey through the diverse landscapes of Indonesia. The earthy, spicy, and wild aroma captivates the senses, evoking images of the lush rainforests where the coffee is cultivated.

This coffee boasts a full-bodied profile that envelops the palate, leaving a lingering, satisfying finish. Despite its bold flavours, our Sumatran coffee maintains a low acidity, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a smooth and mellow cup.

By choosing our Certified Fairtrade Organic Sumatran coffee, you're not only indulging in a truly exceptional coffee experience but also supporting sustainable farming practices and community development in the Village of Pondok Ulung. Each cup is a celebration of the unique terroir and cultural heritage of this remarkable region. 

Coffee characteristics

Aroma Earthy, spicy, and wild aroma
Taste Sweet pepper, brown spice and nutty notes
Region Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

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Our coffees are roasted to order right here in Gatineau and are always shipped 2 days after roasting. Thanks to our selection of organic and fairtrade beans, we can also guarantee you the best coffee possible.

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