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French Roast Certified Fairtrade Organic

This strong and smoky coffee is perfect for coffee lovers who want to fill every sip with intensity. Perfect to top off an espresso for a "Red Eye".

Coffee Characteristics


Caramel, chocolate, vanilla and nutty.

Tasting Notes

Sweet, nutty, bright acidity, creamy texture, crisp finish with cocoa undertones.


Central and South America

Why did Charles pick this coffee?

Image of Charles over roasted coffee beansRoastmaster
The right choice to top off over an espresso for a "Red Eye".

More Information

Our French Roast redefines what a dark roast can be. Toasty but never burnt, this blend brings incredibly layered flavors within a classic dark cup.

These beans are removed at the second “crack” — an audible sound the beans make when they’ve reached the maximum amount of heat that preserves flavor and lets you taste the roast itself.