Making A Perfect Cappuccino or Latte with Master Roaster Charles

Making A Perfect Cappuccino or Latte with Master Roaster Charles

Once you master making the perfect espresso, you’ll want to learn how to make a perfect cappuccino or latte! Join Master Roaster Charles as he teaches you all the best tips and tricks.

These step by step instructions will help you create your favourite coffee beverages at home!

Choose the best beans: Aladdin’s Espresso Barista is one of Charles’ favourite blends. This medium espresso has a good balance of oil so that you can get the ice-cream-like crema you see in the video.

Make a double espresso: Much like making a single shot of espresso, your cappuccino or latte starts with a double espresso for best results.

From here, decide whether you want a cappuccino or a latte.


Skim milk creates the best foam for a cappuccino. Steam your milk until you’ve filled the milk pitcher with foam. You can test it by scooping some of the foam with a spoon: it should be thick enough not to fall when turned upside down!

Once you have your milk, scoop the foam on top of your double shot of espresso and voila! Your perfect cappuccino is ready to go.


For a rich and delicious latte, choose 3.25% milk. Use a thermometer to steam your milk until it reaches 65-75 degrees Celsius. Rest the steamer just on the surface of the milk and try to make a tornado for best results!

When your milk is the right temperature, take your espresso cup and hold it at an angle. Pour the milk in and try to hit the back of the cup so it curls back up to the top. This way, you can create beautiful latte art right on the top of your beverage!

Get a cafe-quality latte at home.

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