All About Dark Roasts

All About Dark Roasts

Do you love coffee?

The comforting aroma that fills your nose with warmth, the delicious, decadent flavour of the first sip, the satisfying swirl of crema that brushes your is great, and those traditional robust aromas and well-known scents and flavours? Those are especially characteristic of dark roast coffees.

You may already know the difference between light, medium, and dark roast coffees, but there is more to the story when it comes to those delicious dark roasts.

What Is A Dark Roast Coffee?

A dark roast coffee simply refers to a coffee that has been toasted longer and at a higher temperature.

As the beans are browned, the Maillard reaction begins to occur, meaning the natural sugars in the coffee beans begin to react to the heat and create that distinctive brown colour. Coffee roasters will see something called the first crack, which means the beans are starting to expand as they lose moisture. It is called this because the beans make an audible cracking noise!

If the beans are left to roast longer, they will experience a second crack. This sound is slightly softer than the first crack and occurs when the oils in the coffee begin to move to the outside - which is when dark roasts get their tell-tale sheen. At Aladdin, we remove our dark roast beans just after the second crack to maximize the toasty flavour of the roast.

What Makes Dark Roasts Different?

Dark roast coffees are where you truly see the mastery of the coffee roaster. It is easy for a dark roast to take on burnt flavours, but a good coffee roaster won’t let that happen. Instead, you can expect rich, robust flavours, often with smoky notes of cocoa and nuts. Dark roasts are known for their strength and intensity, making them a perfect choice for coffee lovers who really love their coffee.

The Joys of Black Coffee

Adding cream and sugar to your coffee is a good way to mask flavours that cheaper, lower quality roasts pick up. With the high quality coffees we roast at Aladdin, you don’t need any of those add-ins to enjoy your coffee. The key to enjoying black coffee is to pick freshly roasted, high quality beans that you grind yourself just before brewing. This allows the flavours to truly shine in your cup.

With dark roasts, that means you are enjoying flavours that have been developed by the roaster. While the beans will always be affected by where they are grown and how they are processed, with dark roast coffees, you will get a truly exemplary experience since the roaster is adding their own unique touch to the coffee.

Ready to discover your new favourite dark roast?

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